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The Heart of VISE


There are now more than 400 volunteers in the mainstream VISE program. These volunteers work in the wide variety of VISE programs and spend between six and twelve weeks each year in the outback assisting a large number of families and others in rural Australia.
The tutors liaise with the Schools of Distance Education and provide one-to-one tutoring for the students in their own homes and provide a friendly and supportive role.
Often close friendships are formed between families and volunteers.



         Bryce & Thomas at the computer



Volunteering is the heart of VISE. No one person is paid any money at all for his or her work either as an administrator or a volunteer worker in the field. This leads to VISE being a unique group, with members often working over and above the call of duty.

What's involved in being a volunteer? Interested in becoming involved?
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