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Volunteers for Isolated Students’ Education Inc (V.I.S.E.) is a volunteer service established in 1989 by a small group of retired teachers, the Tennant Creek Lions Club together with the Isolated Children's Parents' Association (I.C.P.A.). The aim of VISE is to support the education of students in rural areas; especially isolated outback families involved with distance education.Providing the right help and guidance in supporting their children's education is an ongoing task for families living in remote situations. Positive and constructive feedback or guidance on their role from VISE Tutors is appreciated.VISE recruits retired teachers and others with relevant experience, knowledge, and skills. These people enjoy spending time helping isolated students and families. Requests are numerous and as varied as

  • Reading and mathematics,
  • Studying secondary correspondence, or
  • Domestic assistance where help or respite is needed

There are now more than 300 volunteers in the mainstream VISE program. These volunteers work in the wide variety of VISE programs and spend between six and 12 weeks each year in the outback assisting a large number of families and others in rural Australia.

Over the past twenty one years VISE has been able to assist approximately five thousand families.

VISE tutors liaise with the Schools of Distance Education and provide one-to-one tutoring for the students in their own homes and provide a friendly and supportive atmosphere. Often close friendships are formed between families and volunteers.

Volunteering is the heart of VISE. No one receives any remuneration for their work either as an administrator or a volunteer worker in the field. This leads to VISE being a unique group, with members often working over and above the call of duty.

Like any organisation however, there are operating costs which need to be met and funds are required to assist with the cost of travel to remote and isolated locations.

We are now at the stage where we need your help to continue our work.

Up until now, a lot of volunteer time has been spent sourcing one-off funding to enable the organisation to operate from one year to the next. This is time that could be better utilised out in the field addressing the immediate needs of remote and isolated students.

As the organisation looks to the future, it is seeking to establish a capital fund that will produce an income stream to support the work of the volunteers in perpetuity.

How can you help?

VISE through its affiliation with the Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal is entitled to receive income tax deductible gifts and bequests.

The Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal (FRRR) is a charitable Foundation based on a partnership between philanthropy, community, government and business.

FRRR is pleased to support the work of VISE. Donations made payable to the “Foundation for Rural and Regional Renewal” for this project can be made on the prescribed form below.

Donations of $2-00 or more to the FRRR Public fund are tax deductible.

Should tax deductibility not be an issue then donations can be made directly to VISE at the address below.

To download the VISE donation form click here.


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George Murdoch
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