VISE volunteers provide educational assistance to families and students in rural Australia.


We also provide domestic and personal support in the case of emergencies or when respite is necessary.


VISE is a volunteer service established in 1989 by a small group of retired teachers and the Tennant Creek Lions Club in consultation with the Isolated Childrens Parents' Association (I.C.P.A.). The aim of VISE is to support the education of students in rural areas especially isolated outback families involved with distance education.


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 Information for Potential Volunteers

If you are a retired teacher and do not like to see this set of skills and experiences going to waste why not volunteer for 6 weeks to help a family in remote areas of Australia with their Distance Education Program? If you are a non-teacher with domestic skills (especially cooking) would you be willing to help a remote family to keep the home ticking over if there is an emergency situation?  If any of these qualifications fit you then Volunteers for Isolated Students' Education (VISE) may be for you.


VISE has been offering educational assistance to students in remote areas of Australia since 1990.  The support is mainly for students studying through the Schools of Distance Education and Schools of the Air programs.  These children work on assignments sent out to them and our teachers assist them through supervision, explanation and the provision of face-to-face tutoring in their own homes.


VISE has been a success story since its inception.  Our work is highly valued by the Schools of Distance Education (SDE) and Schools of the Air which do not have the resources to send their staff to offer individualised programs in homes.  VISE tutors provide this help for a block of six weeks and often solve pressing educational problems.


The student on a remote property is often socially isolated.  The parent is the supervisor and is often uncertain about the progress of the student.  The VISE tutors comes to the property rather like a grandparent.  They can assess the progress of the student and take over the teaching process for six weeks, giving the parent respite and provide a friendly supportive role on ways the family might best enhance the education of their children.


If you are interested in becoming involved in this very worthwhile program then have a look at the Volunteer Application section.  You will not regret it, this is an extraordinarily rewarding program.


 Josh, Kelly and Amy waiting for their tutor
 Josh, Kelly and Amy waiting for their tutor


Information for Parents

Are you a parent needing assistance with your teaching program?

Are you a parent requiring domestic assistance in an emergency such as hospitalisation?

If so, then Volunteers for Isolated Students' Education (VISE) may be for you. As you have read in the information for Volunteers VISE uses tutors. who are usually retired teachers,  to assist you and your children in the classroom.  However, VISE also has Angels (often the husband or the wife of the tutor) who can take over light domestic duties such as meals, washing and light cleaning.  Their working day has to be by agreement with both parties prior to the placement being accepted.

You are responsible for travel expenses and board of the volunteer but you do not have to pay for expenses such as motels and en-route meals.  VISE may be able to assist with travel expenses if it has been able to access monetary grants.  However, subsidised travel is not guaranteed and may be the sole responsibility of the parent.  VISE has Local Area Coordinators (LAC) in Queensland, Northern Territory and NSW. For contact details for the LACs please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . You should fill in the Request for Assistance Form which will be sent to you by your coordinator and return it to your coordinator.  Your placement will then be advertised and suitably qualified applicants will be put in touch with you. If you both agree to the placemenht, the coordinator will book it on the VISE administrative system.

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